Although i officially began trading as a Sole Trader in July 2019 i learned many of the skills i use today from a need to cut costs as a DIY’er in my home and helping friends and family members.

I gained an interest in DIY from my Grandfather, a hobby carpenter & gardening from my Mother. 

I’m very keen on sustainability & the use of Organic products 

I take pride in what i do and aim to do the best i can for my customers. 

Whilst there are many jobs i can do, i do not take on Plumbing & Electricity - i’m not insured for them and am not qualified. Should you require recommendations i will happily give them. 

I look forward to being able to find solutions to any challenges you may have in your home, garden or indeed office. 

Yours faithfully
Andrew Noble

For additional protection i hold a £2,000,000 public liability insurance.